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HttpRequest provider

This XML Data sources provider retrieves XML using an Http-Request.

You can enter a url, for example

Dynamic Urls

Parameter Editor

You can add query string parameters using the parameter editor.

This will result in following parameters:
userName -> holds the username of the current user (for example host)
xmlParameter -> holds the content of the querystring parameter with the name queryStringParameter.
(if the url of your dotnetnuke page ends like ?querystringparameter=xmlmodule, it will hold xmlmodule

This will cause an Http request to:

REST like urls using TokenReplace

Starting with Xml 6.0.0, you can use Tokens within your URL, for example[user:username]/param/[querystring:querystringparameter]/
will query (in case of the same context as before)

Both TokenReplace and Parameters can be combined. The XML module provides the new tokens [querystring:name], [form:name] and [] in addition to the build in DotNetNuke tokens to query POST, GET and Server variables.


You can enable caching for the content of the HttpRequest. Caching supports all combinations of dynamic Urls.

Security options

You can setup a pair of credentials which are used during the Request

Querystring URL Encoding

I hope you must never use this. It is still there for legacy support.

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